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Valuation & Acquisition Course Coming to Denver!

Whether you are looking to acquire a facility, secure financing, review the property tax bill, or value your asset for disposition, this program provides the insight and tools to provide clarity. The Self Storage Association’s Valuation and Acquisition program is specifically designed to help you make sense of the deal. In a world where lenders are trying to find solid footing, and it’s time to refinance, or buy a property for a price that makes financial sense, everything is riding on your next move. When timing is everything the clarity of your projections, anticipating the “what ifs”, and overlaying your assumptions with a clearly defined operating plan are critical.

Valuation & Acquisition course

Join presenters Jon Dario CEO, Edison Properties and Jeffrey Humphrey, ASA, CCRA, SVP of Asset Management, Devon Self Storage Holdings (US) LLC  for this unique, graduate level real estate investment and management course. In this 16-hour, 3-day course, students are taught how to apply decision-making financial modeling techniques for potential acquisitions or existing facilities. Multiple valuation techniques for financial modeling are discussed as are two actual self storage case studies. Case scenarios apply to expansions, request for financing, and buy or sale property valuations. Property operations are discussed throughout the course including many cost saving suggestions.

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